What is FBI Channeling?2020-12-04T09:32:48+00:00

 FBI Channeling is an expedited request for a personal FBI background check. FBI Channelers are approved to collect fingerprints and relevant demographic data, collect the associated fees, and electronically forward the information to the FBI CJIS Division for an Identity History Summary check. The FBI Channeler then receives the electronic results from the request and forwards the results to the individual requesting the check.

Who can use the FBI Channeler?2020-12-04T09:33:09+00:00

FBI Channelers can only process requests for U.S. Citizens and Lawful Permanent Residents. There are also several countries that are not yet familiar with the FBI channeling process and therefore will not accept these results. Check with the agency or country you are sending the results to first to make sure they will accept results that are obtained through a channeler.

What is the difference between sending fingerprints directly to the FBI and sending fingerprints to an FBI channeler?2020-12-04T09:33:29+00:00

By sending fingerprints to an FBI Channeler, your request for an FBI background check is expedited. Results are typically received electronically within 24 hours when using an FBI Channeler. Tamperproof copies of the results can be sent Regular Mail, Priority Mail, or FedEx Overnight. When submitting directly to the FBI, requests can take 1113 weeks to process before receiving results. Results are sent via USPS First Class Mail.

What information will be provided in my FBI Background Check?2020-12-04T09:33:43+00:00

The report you receive will include arrest data retained by the FBI, and in some instances, federal employment, naturalization, or military service records. If the fingerprints are related to an arrest, the results will include the name of the agency that submitted the prints to the FBI, the date of the arrest, the arrest charge, and the disposition of the arrest, if known to the FBI.

How will I receive my results from the FBI channeler?2020-12-04T09:27:13+00:00

By default, FBI Channeled results are returned electronically via email. You will also have the option of having a tamperproof copy of your results sent via Regular Mail. Priority Mail, or FedEx Overnight

Can my results be sent to an address outside of the United States? No. FBI Channelers are not permitted to send results outside of the United States

Can the Channeler send my results to my employer?2020-12-04T09:34:44+00:00

FBI Channelers cannot process a request for employment and/or licensing purposes. The results can only be sent to the individual requesting the check

What if my fingerprints get rejected?2020-12-04T09:35:03+00:00

If your fingerprints are rejected, the FBI Channeler offers one free resubmission. If your prints are rejected for a second time you will need to submit another request and pay the channeling fee again. A rejection is considered a result

How do I get my results Apostilled?2020-12-04T09:35:21+00:00

If you require an Apostille please let us know at the time of printing and we can arrange to have a complete Apostilled document sent to you. It can take anywhere from 35 weeks to receive a complete Apostilled document. If you need more information, please contact us.

I need LiveScan fingerprinting done for another State, can you do that?2020-12-04T09:35:46+00:00

No, Live Scan fingerprinting is not networked and can not be transmitted from one state to another state. In these cases we fingerprint you and can archive your prints for the future. You send the cards to the state(s) requiring the prints and they can be scanned into that states system. Call for more information

How long does the finger printing process take with your company?2020-12-04T09:36:12+00:00

It is fast, probably about 30 seconds to one minute per fingerprint card. It will take you longer to fill out your cards then to be fingerprinted.

Why is the oral fluid specimen placed in a fluid buffer?2020-12-18T07:55:26+00:00

The buffer solution is used to inhibit bacterial growth.

Do you provide drug tests?2020-12-18T05:43:49+00:00

Yes, Quovius provides a full range of drug tests, including non-regulated drug tests for pre-employment, random, post-accident, and reasonable suspicion purposes. We perform mandatory drug tests for all regulated industries.

What types of drug tests do you provide2020-12-18T05:43:54+00:00

Some of the drug tests we provide include pre-placement drug testing, random drug testing, and DOT-compliant drug testing. For a full list of the drug tests we provide, please contact us.

How long does it take to administer a drug test?2020-12-18T05:43:59+00:00

Quovius primarily uses urine sampling for drug testing. Rapid drug testing for non-regulate drug screens is also performed quickly and efficiently.

How long does it take to receive results from Quovius drug tests?2020-12-18T05:44:02+00:00

Our rapid drug testing technology identifies a negative test within minutes. Non-negative test results and regulated drug tests must be reviewed by a federally certified (SAMHSA) laboratory, which usually takes about three to five days.

How long will it take to get drug test results?2020-12-18T05:41:45+00:00

Drug test results typically take 24 to 48 hours, depending on the type of test being performed (e.g., urine, hair or DOT). If Quovius serves only as the collection site for your drug tests, then results will be reported to you directly from your selected lab/third-party administrator, and result times may vary.

Does Quovius drug tests comply with state and federal regulations?2020-12-18T05:42:02+00:00

Yes, our drug tests comply with all state and federal regulations, including OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration). 

What kind of pre-employment screenings do you provide?2020-12-18T05:42:18+00:00

There are many different types of pre-employment screenings, but the most common screening Quovius is asked to provide is Pre-employment drug tests.

Why should I get pre-employment screenings for my workforce?2020-12-18T05:42:54+00:00

Pre-employment screenings improve workplace safety and can reduce employee turnover and direct costs by making sure that a job applicant can safely perform their job functions before they’re trained.

How does the drug detection window for hair compare to urine and oral fluid2020-12-18T07:52:04+00:00

Drug detection times vary depending on the dose, sensitivity of the testing method used, preparation and route of administration, duration of use (acute or chronic), the matrix that is analyzed, the molecule or metabolite that is looked for, the pH and concentration of the matrix (urine, oral fluid), and variations in metabolic and renal clearance. In general, the detection time is longest in hair, followed by urine and oral fluid. Drugs in hair may be detectable for approximately 90 days, whereas drugs in urine are generally detectable for one to seven days or longer in chronic users and in oral fluid from five to 48 hours.

What time period does a hair drug test cover?2020-12-18T07:52:38+00:00

Hair growth rates vary; typically, head hair grows at an average of one-half inch per month. Therefore, a 1.5-inch hair sample detects drug use up to 90 days prior to testing.

How much hair is needed for a hair drug test?2020-12-18T07:52:59+00:00

A hair drug test with initial screen and confirmation requires 100 milligrams of hair (90-120 strands).

What is hair drug testing?2020-12-18T07:53:14+00:00

Drug and drug metabolite(s) are incorporated into the hair matrix from the bloodstream following drug use. Hair drug testing detects drugs that are embedded in the hair.

Can substances such as food, beverages, over-the-counter medication, and mouthwash affect the oral fluid drug test results?2020-12-18T07:54:10+00:00

Yes. For this reason, the donor is to refrain from consumption of food or beverages for 10 minutes prior to specimen collection.

How does the drug detection window for oral fluid compare to urine and hair?2020-12-18T07:54:47+00:00

rug detection times vary depending on the dose, sensitivity of the testing method used, preparation and route of administration, duration of use (acute or chronic), the matrix that is analyzed, the molecule or metabolite that is looked for, the pH and concentration of the matrix (urine, oral fluid), and variations in metabolic and renal clearance. In general, the detection time is longest in hair, followed by urine and oral fluid. Drugs in hair may be detectable for up to 90 days, whereas drugs in urine are generally detectable for one to seven days (or longer in chronic users) and in oral fluid from five to 48 hours.

What is the drug detection window for oral fluid testing?2020-12-18T07:55:05+00:00

Depending on the drug used, dose, and route of administration, a drug may be detected in oral fluid in less than one hour and remain detectable for five up to 48 hours after last use.



Mobile notaries accept a variety of documents. A current driver’s license, passport, non-driver’s license ID or military ID is always acceptable. Note: Only U.S. issued identifications are acceptable forms of ID.


If a document is recorded with a government agency such as a Secretary of State’s office, a County Clerk or a court, certified copies should be obtained from that agency. Mobile notaries cannot notarize these documents.


Quovius accepts a variety of payments. We take cash, credit cards, Apple Pay, Cash App, Paypal and Zelle. Billing can be arranged for business customers. Simply bill your clients following receipt of our charges.

Apple Pay 980-402-8085

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WHAT IS A NOTARY PUBLIC?2020-12-18T07:59:40+00:00

Responsible individuals who can administer oaths or witness signatures on legal documents. A notary public is also sometimes called a loan signing agent or a loan signing notary.

WHAT IS A SIGNING AGENT?2020-12-18T08:00:12+00:00

A signing agent is a public notary who is an expert in loan closing documents. A lender, title company, or escrow service may hire a signing agent to handle getting documents delivered, signed, or processed efficiently and on time.


No. All states prohibit non-attorneys from practicing law. A Notary can be held liable for any damages resulting from an incorrectly chosen certificate or notarization.


No. Notaries are not responsible for the accuracy or legality of documents they notarize. Notaries certify the identity of signers. The signers are responsible for the content of the documents.

WHERE DO YOU PROVIDE YOUR SERVICES?2020-12-18T08:01:23+00:00

We will come to you in a place that is convenient for you. This can be your home or office, a restaurant, or even a nursing home, hospital, or federal, state or county correctional facility. If you prefer to come to our Charlotte, NC office during business hours, this can also, of course, be arranged. Quovius specializes in providing prompt and convenient attention that lets you focus on your client.

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