Why Us

Cutting edge technology

As a global leader in the industry, Quovius delivers cutting-edge testing and fingerprinting solutions to a wide range of customers. Our customer base includes and is not limited to employers of labor, prospective employees, law firms, government agencies, rehabilitation centers, and financial institutions.

Expert service delivery

We also offer convenient service delivery. This means that if you cannot make it down to one of our testing centers, we can bring the testing center to you with a guarantee that the result will be accurate as if you came to our center for testing.

Tested and trusted services

We provide you with tested and trusted information. It does not matter which database you are trying to search with; we have got you covered. We have access to a wide range of state and federal databases, and we can provide you with results that you can present anywhere.

Unbeatable Prices

Our prices are second to none. We can confidently tell you this; no one offers the quality of service we provide at the price that we offer it.